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Haiti Adventure Tour Itinerary

Six Canadians will arrive at Wall's International Guest House, Port-au-Prince on Jan 31st (2012). The temperature will be around 32c in the city; it will be dusty, noisy, and bustling with people.  What I don't know is how much of the earth quake rubble will still be mounded up all around.  How many tent cities will still occupy the...read more
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28 days until Haiti…

My flight ticket has arrived and the orientation meeting has concluded.  It is official; I leave for my second trip to Haiti on Jan 31st, 2012! My preparations will be a little different from my first trip.  You see, the first time I travelled to Haiti in 2010 was with Besty Wall of FIDA-pcH (Foundation for International Development...read more
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Dancing Women in Duchity, Haiti

Much to the delight of the local women of Duchity (Haiti), I danced and sang with the empowered women of this small village. I will not apologize for my lack of rhythm but I do apologize for the camera shake! I learned that dancing and filming do not mix!
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