Keynotes / Workshops

Please Note:  From a main stage keynote to a 3-day workshop, all presentations are designed and crafted to the client’s agenda and the needs of the audience.

Ditch the Diet and Get Healthy

Adapted for the specific age, stage and needs of the audience

It is time step off the scales, it is time to stop paying to eat less, it is time to put an end to yo-yo dieting.  It is time to spend more time enjoying life, it is time to gain and maintain a healthy weight, naturally!

“a healthy perspective on body image which to date doesn’t come from any other source” 

Life NOT Lipstick

Suitable for an adult audience

Setting priorities in your life that puts appearance in its place by explore your investment in your physical appearance in contrast to your investment in all other life goals.

“a revelation of truth and an amazing expression of personal growth”

120 Sculptures Celebrating Reality - 120 Stories Empowering Change

The Beautiful Women Project.

Suitable for a general audience.

An inspiring and empowering presentation filled with stories of survival, determination and courage.  The stories and sculptures chosen for each presentation will be determined by the nature of the event and the demographics of the audience.   Depending on the agenda and budget for the event, 60-120 of the sculptures can be exhibited during the conference or high resolution slides of the sculptures will be shown as part of the keynote or workshop.

“The event was an overwhelming success. The young, old, male and female all expressed their enthusiasm for not only the artistic creativity but also for the learning/teaching opportunities which took place during and after viewing the art”.

Shattering the New Glass Ceiling

How body-image is affecting your career.

Suitable for professional women

Coined in the mid 80’s, the Glass Ceiling concept described the unwritten restrictions women experienced in advancing their careers to the same level as their male colleagues. Times have changed and now the most destructive force holding us back is in our own hands. See for yourself how body image is shaping you, your life and your career. Then shatter this new glass ceiling and reach new heights!

“Cheryl-Ann highlighted the myriad of messages society sends about physical appearance and how this information influences women’s self-worth, goals and aspirations.”

Through the Looking Glass

Who and what is shaping us.

Suitable for Parents, Caregivers and Professionals working with youth.

Increase your understanding of intergenerational messages and reflect on the impact your actions and words have on those in your care.

“Not only did you model the techniques to use with our clients, but as a result of your caring and intuitive nature, each staff member also experienced personal growth and greater self-awareness.”

Smile Inside & Out

Suitable for a general audience.

Acceptance and Happiness – YES it is possible!  There is an ART to creating your best life as well as a sustainable healthy life-style. Deepen your self-Awareness, strengthen your Resilience to life’s challenges and gradually Transform aspects of your life to better fit your design.

“I would highly recommend Cheryl-Ann Webster to offer her workshop at any venue which strives on the promotion of resilience, mental health, self-discovery and overall wellness in all life circumstances.”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Understanding and celebrating a healthy reflection.

Suitable for large groups of grade 7 & 8 girls in a full day workshop

This highly interactive workshop, also known as the ’5 by 5′ (500 participants for 5 hours) has been tailored to suit the developmental stage of grade 7&8 girls. The activities, slide presentation and discussions have been designed in line with the learning expectations taken from the Reflections of ME – ETFO Body Image Project.

“The committee was extremely impressed by your skill in being able to carry the entire day on your own. Your dynamic, enthusiastic, interactive, and humorous approach was very success in keeping the girls engaged and involved … The success of the day was evident in the number of girls that swarmed you to get your autograph and to chat with you! … Our students were moved and inspired to a new level of understanding.”

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