Cheryl-Ann Webster

“Bringing an informed perspective, Cheryl-Ann takes to the stage and engages her audience – her voice calls to you, her history fascinates you and her lessons find their mark. With stories of challenge and change, expressed with creativity and humour, Cheryl-Ann keeps the energy high from start to finish while inspiring you to look ahead with greater awareness and self-care.”

- Pat Dimeck, Freelance Writer.


From the little girl who was silenced to an award winning artist and speaker.

Cheryl-Ann the artist

Cheryl-Ann the artist

I was raised with the message that little girls should be seen but NOT heard. The problem was I had a lot to say!  So I started to sketch my ideas, thoughts and fears. Soon my art spoke for me; it spoke my truth and voiced my opinions about my own life and the world around me. Then once I started to exhibit my creations, I opened a dialogue with my viewers and even started to voice what they feared to vocalize. My art became a visual voice for stories silenced, forgotten and untold.

My career grew with my confidence and over the past 10 years I have become internationally known for my Beautiful Women Project, promoting self-acceptance and self-care through a healthy body image.

To date the Beautiful Women Project exhibit has been showcased in 12 communities and been featured in more than 50 print publications as well as national and international TV and radio.

Cheryl-Ann the Speaker

Cheryl-Ann the speaker

The demand for my workshops and keynotes also grew and in 2008 I gained my professional status with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).  I have since spoken at more than 400 formal events. Ranging from a 45 minutes keynote to health care providers to a 5 hour workshop with 500 grade 3′s.

Although my life has changed dramatically, my purpose remains the same – to empower change by gathering life stories, capture them in art and share the wisdom from the stage.

My life journey has truly taken me from the little girl who was silenced to a professional speaker who helps others find their voice!