Host the Project

You can host the Beautiful Women Project in your community for 6 weeks or 6 months or at your conference for just a few days.

  • Exhibit 60 to 120 life size clay sculptures
  • Have Cheryl-Ann present a keynote &/or a series of workshops
  • Provide a family friendly experience
  • Help shape a healthier, happier community
  • See your positive media coverage increase
  • Increase your revenue through sponsorship
  • Recruit and retain more visitors/participants
  • Make your event memorable and unique!

It’s simple - you provide the budget and my team does all the work! Call me today and we can discuss your event.

A few words from past hosts:

The Town of Gananoque financially supported the Project and gave consent for the community owned Museum to be used for the 6 month exhibit. We were not disappointed as the event was an overwhelming success. From both a cultural and business perspective the Beautiful Women Project was a great investment!

- Mayor Garrah, Town of Gananoque.

This Project has and will continue to have a lasting impact on thousands of people in our community.

- K. Decker Executive Director, YWCA Cambridge.

The Beautiful Women Project leaves all who experience it searching for words to describe what it is that has such an effect on them. They only know it is a powerful and positive encounter.

- Dr R. Williams, Niagara Public Health.

Unprecedented number of visitors came to see the artwork, and attend workshops and talks.

– A. Solar, Curator, Studio Gallery Kingston.

In hosting this exhibition, the Cambridge Centre for the Arts was proud to be a partner with the Cambridge YWCA and provided us with the opportunity to then work with additional partners including Soroptimist International and the Arts Guild…. It is rare to have a project of this depth come along, and I wish to thank your for sharing this with our community.

– G. Stott. Manager Cambridge Centre for the Arts.

Numerous comments in the guest book mentioned the Beautiful Women Project as the reason visitors had attended or returned to the The Ex. They thanked the CNE for bringing the sculptures and complimented us on displaying such a high caliber of art….During the 18 day event an estimated 10,000 visitors viewed the Project. The Project proved to be a tremendous success and exceeded our expectations.

- Zis Parras, Program Manager, Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto.

As Cheryl-Ann predicted the Project increased our visitor numbers resulting in greater revenue, with more than 25,000 visitors representing six continents, passed through our doors during the Beautiful Women Project exhibit.

– L. Mainse. Director, Arthur Child Heritage Museum, Gananoque.

To the Principals and Vice Principals, Department Heads of Religion: You are encouraged to consider how the Beautiful Women Project exhibit might reinforce your own efforts with your students to address our culture’s distorted views of the female form. Perhaps you will be able to arrange to visit the gallery or invite Cheryl-Ann to the classroom.

– Supervisor of the Office of Religious and family Life Education, Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board.